Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sculpture class at the Museum Fine Arts, Boston

This past Sunday, Polo and I took a one day figure sculpture class at the MFA in Boston. It was a rainy day and perfect to be inside learning a new skill. While there was a learning curve,  I did find many similarities with painting with a knife and I sculpted most of the time using just a simple butter knife. In contrast to drawing from a model, the teacher reminded us that when you are sculpting a 3D figure, you need to CONSTANTLY keep moving around to get a view from all sides. This was a hard thing to remember to do, but of course made sense.

Here are a couple of views of my sculpture in progress. We had a live model to work from which I hadn't done in awhile and was great.

Here is Polo working on his masterpiece:

Because the class was held at the museum, a bonus was to be able to walk around and view their amazing collection after class was over. I had yet to see the new wing of the museum so this was an unexpected treat. Here are a few shots inside and out. 

I didn't take any photos inside the magnificent new Sargent room but saw many of my mini masters in their full size glory including the Boit Daughters, Mrs Fiske Warren and her daughter Rachel, and Mrs. Charles E Inches. I did love that they have the wall papered in that room to evoke the period of his works. 

What a wonderfully exhausting day of art!


Roberta Warshaw said...

Oh what a great way to jump outside your comfort zone!
Don't you love the new wing? Although it takes much longer now to see the whole place in one trip...I guess that is the point right?
I want to go see the Alex Katz show when it opens soon.

Autumn Leaves said...

I so would have loved to try a class like this! You and Polo looked to have had great skill at sculpting!

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