Friday, June 28, 2013

Some Friday Fun: : Vegetarians, look away!

I wanted to share something just for fun today. 

Polo started creating these "sculptures" while he was spicing up the hamburger meat before grilling and it has now become a series. It's been fun brainstorming who the next subject will be. 
The Commander in Beef

by Polo Barrera

You're Fired
by Polo Barrera

 The Man In The Mirror

by Polo Barrera

The other night, I gave it a try myself with a smaller amount of ground beef and created the one below. It's harder than it looks!

Phone Home
by Ann Gorbett

Feel free to send your suggestions for future scultpure subjects.


Roberta Warshaw said...

Oh My God! You are both too funny!

Joanne willoughby said...

So funny and not as gross as I thought!

Autumn Leaves said...

You guys made me laugh. What phenomenal pieces! And the one of the man in the mirror looks like Michael Jackson.

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