Friday, July 17, 2020

New family portrait commission

Family Selfie at the Beach (Ken and kids)
18" x 18"
oil with palette knives on cradled wood panel

Ken asked me if I would paint this cute picture of him and his kids on the beach. It was really fun to paint a portrait at such a large size, much larger than the portraits I've done in the past. I was able to get a lot of detail in the faces and capture their likeness better.

I took photos along the way of each stage. I always start with the hardest part-the faces and I basically painted one face a day and then the background and clothing on the final day.

Here you can see my orange background wash and the sketch on top.

Ken's daughter was first...
Then Ken...
Then Ken's son...

And here is a close up of one of the faces so you can see all of the detailed strokes.

I chose a simple white floater frame and Ken hung it up moments after I delivered it to him. He hung it over the TV where he spends most of his time at home and where he can look at it daily. He sent me this photo. 

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