Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getaway to Provincetown

This past weekend we took a getaway trip up to Provincetown, the very tip of Cape Cod. During the summer, Ptown is full of crazy activity but in the winter, it is quiet and wonderful. What an inspirational place to be for an artist. I've include some shots here to give you a flavor.

I loved this sign that was outside a gallery near the beach.

There are art galleries everywhere you turn. And I turned to see Polo in the window reflection of one.

Only in Ptown might you see a Christmas Tree like this made from lobster traps and buoys.

This harbor is probably filled with boats in the summertime.

We loved looking at the fishing boats.

The very photogenic Red Inn.

Cutesy store.

Another cutesy store.

The dunes had a very Southwestern feel about them.

This is the street where we were staying. A view to the ocean at the end.

Cutesy houses everywhere you turn.

Amazing sunset glows

Have you heard about all the dolphins beaching themselves? We happened upon one poor guy who had already been tagged. So sad.

On our way home we stopped in Hyannisport and had a car picnic. This was our view.

Great trip and wonderful way to celebrate my 50th (gulp) year on earth.


Roberta Warshaw said...

Happy birthday old lady! Kidding of course! You will always be 30-something in my memory!

Glad you had a lovely birthday getaway. I only like the cape in winter when everyone is gone. It is beautiful.

Autumn Leaves said...

Gorgeous photos, Ann. The dolphin makes me sad though. Your cutesy shop photo is one I just saw within the past couple of days painted on someone's blog...Maybe Mary Sheehan Wynn's, Kelley MacDonalds, or possible Joan's...just can't quite recall.

And a belated happy birthday to ye! I'm heading towards 53 at a rapid clip myself.

zuva said...

wow nice location photos. i like art photo.

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jakcy said...

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