Friday, January 10, 2014

The Pillivant Sisters UPDATE

The Pillivants in DC
8" by 10"
Oil with a palette knife on board

This was such a fun painting. Cathy commissioned me to paint this photo of her and her sisters from a photo of them on the steps of the Capitol building in DC. Don't these matching dresses just make you smile? The one redhead in the group is their cousin Debbie. She's got the matching dress but not the quite the matching shoes. But she fits in quite nicely with this group of cute girls. And I bet those dresses made them easier to keep track of in a crowd!

This brings back memories of the matching dresses that my mom used to dress me and my sisters in when we were little. Did you mother every dress you and your siblings in matching outfits?

UPDATE. Cathy's sister Mary had this to say about the painting:
"I think it is so awesome!!  I love it.  I posted it to my facebook page. But I love the story that goes with it - it's one of my favorites.  We were in our Country's colors and had Ted Kennedy sign "Our Flag" books - Red White and Blue!  I tell the story "It was in the early 1970's, and we were traveling through DC in our famous Red, White and Blue dresses and while in the Capitol. Mom spotted Ted and called out his name. How could he resist a family of 5 girls all dressed in our country's colors!! We had just picked up a booklet about "Our Flag" and we asked him for his autograph. He stopped and took the time to autograph all 5 of our books! Thanks for doing this Cathy - it is fun!"

How awesome to hear this wonderful back story to this adorable family photo!

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