Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Red Inn 14 (or 36 depending on how you're counting)

The Red Inn From the Road, Number XIV
18" x 36"
Oil with a palette knife on Ampersand Gessobord

This is a new size for my Red Inn paintings and I really like it. This is the 14th painting of this view of the inn from the road on a larger canvas size, but it's actually the 36th time I have painted the inn overall if you include all the various canvas sizes, shapes, views, and seasons. And that's no April Fools joke!

It took several session to complete and I took some photos as I completed each stage. I started as I always do painting the red of the inn, the windows, and the roof.

Then I add the white trim, water, and sky.

Then I work on the trees.

Next I started in on the bushes and all of the beautiful garden details.

It's almost finished at this stage, I just needed to paint the road and sign the painting. I usually leave one corner unpainted until the very end so that I can sign my name to the painting while the paint is still wet.

The last detail was to add RED INN above the front door. I used my paint eraser tool (also called a wipe out tool) to do this part. It's the same tool I use to sign my name. It lifts off the paint to reveal the color underneath-in this case the red.

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