Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm married to a famous artist!

My husband's latest show at the Moose Hill Massachusetts Audobon Society Gallery has received some great media coverage. He's been too busy to brag and blog about it so I'm going to do it for him. His picture and articles have appeared on the cover of this week's Sharon Advocate, The Walpole Times as well as the MetroWest Daily News. There is also a You Tube video that one of the reporters posted. I am SO PROUD!

Here are the links:

And few more images from the show:


Anonymous said...

Loved your post, Ann, especially since his blog is sorely neglected.

What great photos!


txartist62 said...

wow! that is so exciting - and well-deserved, judging by the beautiful work on here :) it was fun to hear polo's voice too (on youtube), since i've never met him :)~

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