Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Does playing with dolls make you feel younger?

I want to introduce you to Petunia, Begonia, and Liliana. My two sisters and I sent these dolls to our  aunts, my mothers 3 sisters, as a surprise gift this week. We have had so much fun with our dolls Nina, Gina, and Luna (see post here) that we decided our aunts needed their own dolls as well. We each made them a set of clothes to send along as well. They fit perfectly in these fun wine gift boxes that I found at Jo Ann fabrics.
Petunia in her bathing suit (made out of ribbon)

 Petunia in her Cabo spa robe (made from a guest towel)

Petunia in her flower dress -embellished from the dress she came in)

Petunia in her dress embellished from a barbie dress that my mother made.

Liliana with her outfits packaged up.

 Liliana in her bathing suit and Cabo spa robe.

 Liliana waving goodbye

 Begonia with her outfits all ready to go...

We made a doll for our mother as well. She is Mia Sophia and I will post photos of her next once I get her outfits finished.

For fun, here are some photo of all of us in Cabo. This was the inspiration for the Cabo robes that we made for our dolls.

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