Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty
6" x 6"
Oil with a palette knife on panel
$100 unframed

I once wrote on Facebook that if I wasn't so allergic, I'm pretty sure I'd be one of those cat ladies. I've always loved cats and it's so not fair that they make me sneeze and wheeze so much. I think that painting all these cat faces has been a good substitute for me. And I don't need the inhaler.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And the winner is...

Sweety Pie!

The final tally was:
3 for Say Cheesecake
13 for Sweety Pie
2 for Tiramisu For You

Thanks everyone for voting. That was fun.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vote for your favorite

Can you help me decide?

I am planning on entering a painting into a show at Gallery 9 called Just Desserts at the end of this month. I can only enter one painting so I need your help deciding which one to enter of the 3 choices below. What better way than to create a poll? So please cast your vote in the poll at the top of the side bar to the right by 10 pm on Wed, April 27.

1. Say Cheesecake

2. Sweety Pie

3. Tiramisu For You

Oh and the gallery is offering an interesting incentive to a lucky juried prize winner. They will have an oversized image of your painting made into a store sign (see below) to display outside of the gallery. Pretty cool huh?

Thanks everyone. Vote early and often.I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fur Person

Fur Person
6" x 6"
Oil with a palette knife on panel

When I was a teenager and obsessed with cats, my mother gave me a book for my birthday called The Fur Person by May Sarton. I still have the book and this cat reminds me of the cat shown on the cover. It is a wonderful story told through the eyes of a cat about life with humans. I don't remember all the details about the book except that I LOVED it at the time. I should probably go back and read it again to see what my teenage brain was so obsessed with.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pick me up

Tiramisu For You
8" x 6"
Oil with a palette knife on canvas

I was searching for the meaning of the word Tiramisu in Italian. I liked "pick me up" the best because that's what this little dessert will do for you. Light and spongy and chocolaty goodness all in one. I tried several colors for the bottom of this painting but they all seemed to be competing with the beauty of the dark chocolate so I settled on a subtle color. I also obliterated the shadow for the same reason. Now it kind of looks like its sitting on a shiny surface. Which I don't really mind too much.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breaking 100

6" x 12" x .75"
Oil with a palette knife on cradled panel

$200 framed

This is not a new painting but I thought it appropriate for this post since I officially broke 100 for my number of followers. I feel so honored to have that many people (who aren't related to me) interested in my art. Thank you everyone!

I do play golf occasionally and I was trying to score below 100 for 18 holes for a long time. Now, I have been lucky enough to have done that several times. Breaking 90 is the new target I have not reached. Perhaps this year will be the one? This painting shows my mother at the left, who was a very good golfer. She had no trouble breaking 100 or even breaking 90.

I hope everyone has a lucky, breaking 100 (or whatever your goal) is day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweety Pie

Sweety Pie
6" x 8"
Oil with a palette knife on canvas

The whipped cream edging on this was especially fun to paint with the palette knife as well as that aluminum foil pie pan edging.

Now, don't you just want to grab that spoon and dig right in?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring into Summer

Freshly cut
6" x 6"
Oil with a palette knife on board

What a beautiful weekend it was. The weather was hinting with signs of a warm summer to come. Daffodils are the first sign of life after a long winter and also a sure sign that Easter is on the way.
Finally-spring is in full bloom and summer is not far behind. Bring it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Sketchbook Project Tour LIVE

This past weekend, we met a group of friends up in Portland, Maine to see the Sketchbook Project Tour live and in person. What a blast it was. I wanted to share a few photos from the event.

Their system is quite simple yet hi tech. You sign in for a computer gernerated library card on the Mac, then you can request 2 books at a time (we all thought they should have given your more like 5 at a time) either by asking for a certain artist or theme, or they will choose two books for you at random.

Look how many there were to choose from. I read that about 10,000 sketchbooks are traveling in all. These carts are loaded on and off the truck which travels to the next town.

When you were done, you just returned them to this desk, and the staff checked them back in. We discovered that this return table was a good place to quickly flip through books to see what you might be interested in checking out the next time you got into the checkout line.

Here we are holding our sketchbooks!
Some friends who came along, also enjoyed looking.

Afterwards we went out to one of the local establishments to unwind, where the budding young artists in our group got inspired by the show to get a jump start on their own sketchbooks for next year!

Next stop Atlanta!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

La Violinista

10" x 8"
Oil with a palette knife on canvas

Back in January, I wrote about a trip we made to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York during which we enjoyed wonderful music on the mezzanine. This is my attempt at painting the talented violinist after being inspired by the beautiful painting of Paganini by Eugene Delacroix. You can see that post as well as his painting, but clicking here.

I painted this on a sheet of canvas from Fredrix. I like to paint on these sheets occasionally because my strokes are not confined by the end of the panel and then in the end I can crop it any way I want. I was thinking of cropping in on her to make it more of a vertical composition like this. What do you think?
And here is a close up...
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