Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Return from reunionville

These past few weeks I took a break from the rainy, rainy, (did I say rainy?) weather we've been having in Boston to attend my 25th college reunion at Miami University in Ohio, and to attend a family reunion at Bethany Beach, Delaware. To my delight, the weather was sunny and hot in both places.

My college reunion included a tour of the art school. Since I don't have any new paintings to share, I thought I would post some of the photos from the tour. The building above is where I spent many days and nights in the studio. To my surprise, many of the same easels, stools, and "props" were the same as they were 25 years ago. I guess that's comforting. This is a photo of our tour guide (an art history professor) in the new painting studio.
When looking through some college photos to share with my friends, I came across this photo of my painting class. Don't you love the looks on our faces? Such self searching souls we were-HA!
And look-here is one of those same stools. Still in use after 25 years.Last night I had a dream that our house was sinking into the mud from all the rain. I better go make sure that isn't coming true....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3-2-1... Veggies!

3-2-1 Veggies

Oil with palette knife on canvas paper
9" x 9"
$200 framed

This is my entry into this week's Different Strokes From Different Folks challenge. I was feeling that these beautiful vegetables needed to be organized so that I could give each it's own special attention. The size is 9" by 9" on canvas paper. Here is a close up on one of the onions.
Don't you just love summer?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mind blogging

I just found this term from urbandictionary.com. I feel that it is fitting for what I have been up to lately.

Mind Blogging When you've not posted anything on your blog in a while, but you've been thinking about many topics to write about. 
person1: Hey, where have you been? What you been up to? I've been watching your blog, but you're not even writing. 
person2: Yeah - I've been mind blogging, but I just haven't had a chance to post anything lately.

I do find myself thinking about art and topics to post about all the time. I keep a running list (of course-being the list maker that I am) of ideas and art pieces that I want to blog about. Now, if I can only find the time...

Friday, June 5, 2009


Wow-I think that was the longest I've gone without posting anything new since I started this blog. Not quite sure what happened. I think I must been distracted by all things summer; yard projects, house projects, kids home from college, etc... The blog has gotten a bit dusty-just like the deck looks right now with the layer of yellow pollen on it!


12" by 9"
Oil with a palette knife on canvas

Anyway-here is a new painting to help keep the dust off. I worked on this in Thursday night painting class from a reference photo that Nancy picked out for me. Kim calls it cute but we're thinking it might need a little glazing over the peach colored blanket so it doesn't blend in so much with the skin tones. I'm thinking it might also need a pattern as well. Kim showed me how to glaze with the sand/cement painting I did awhile back. I'll report back with more on that soon.
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