Friday, July 22, 2022

NEW large painting of Boston

Boston: The View from the Seaport District

18" x 36"

Oil with palette knives on Ampersand Gessobord


If you follow my blog, this view may look familiar to you. I painted this view 3 previous times but at a much smaller scale. I decided it was time to paint it larger. I was able to get a lot of details at this size, in the buildings, the windows, and the people along the walkway. It took 5 days to paint, with a total of about 20 hours.

Here are a few close up details.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Miami University series #2: The Upham Hall Arch and The Great Seal

Upham Arch, Miami University

14" x 11"

Oil with palette knives on board

Next up in my series of Miami University is Upham Arch. In the foreground you can see the the Great Seal of the University which is a historical marker and part of a very well-known campus tradition. Students are not supposed to step on the seal until after graduation or they will face bad luck on their next exam. Within view is the Upham Hall arch also known for a popular campus tradition. Kissing someone under the arch at midnight signifies that you will be with that person forever, maybe becoming a “Miami Merger” — the name for the nearly 16% of alums who are married to one another (one of the largest percentages of any alumni base in the nation). I happen to personally know many of these Mergers, including my mother and father!

Monday, July 11, 2022

Miami University series #1: Sesquicentennial Chapel

The Sequicentennial Chapel (at Miami University)

14" x 11"

Oil with palette knives on board

This is the first painting in a series I have planned of my alma mater, Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. This chapel is a very popular place to get married on the campus. Especially for those couples that met while going to school here. Also knows as "Miami Mergers."

My sister and I had a great visit to Oxford last December and we were reminded of just how beautiful this campus is. I am lucky to have graduated with a fine arts degree from Miami back in 1984.

Here is a photo I took that shows the painting in progress.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Elizabeth House, Leeds NY

Elizabeth House, Leeds NY

18" x 24"

Oil with palette knives on Ampersand Gessobord

David asked if I would paint a portrait of this beautiful historic home for his friends who recently purchased it. He sent me several images of the grounds with different views, but I liked this one that really showcases the architecture and included the Adirondack chairs overlooking the Hudson River.

I took this photo that shows my set up including color copies printed out to size and the iPad for reference.

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