Wednesday, January 31, 2024

A pair of Christmas commissions

Her Protectors
9" x 12"
Oil with palette knives on board

This Little Light of Mine II
9" x 12"
Oil with palette knives on board

Bill saw a painting I did called This Little Light Of Mine and it inspired him to commission two new paintings from me. They would become Christmas gifts to 2 friends that just welcomed baby girls in to their families. It's a little hint of what is to come when they get a little older.

Friday, January 26, 2024

A street with a view

Provincetown Overlook

18" x 24"

Oil with palette knives on board

On one of our drives home from Provincetown, I made Polo pull the car over on Bradford Street so I could capture this scene. I loved how you could see the ocean from this view in addition to the interesting rooftops of the houses on Lovetts Court and the greenery and treetops that surround them.

Friday, January 19, 2024

Christmas commissions: 2 new entering signs

Entering Harwichport
16" x 16"
oil with palette knives on board

Entering Provincetown
16" x 16"
oil with palette knives on board

Peter saw the sign painting I had hanging at the Red Inn in Provincetown and asked if I would paint one of Harwichport where he has a home. It would be a gift for his wife for the holidays. Then he asked if I would paint another one of Provincetown for his son's home as well.

He asked for the sides to be painted as well. But instead of just painting them a flat color, I continued the image around the sides instead. Like this:

He told me they were a big hit at Christmastime. Always good to hear.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Curious Seal II

 Curious Seal II

12" x 12"

Acrylic pour (background) Oil with palette knives (seal)

Thomas saw my painting Curious Seal that is hanging at Cafe Heaven in Provincetown and he said it always makes him smile whenever.  He asked me if I would paint another one for him.

I used a different technique for this painting. Instead of using palette knives for the water background, I used a technique of pouring acrylic paints (about 5-6 colors) and just let it do its thing...swirling left to right to create the feeling of the water. Then I finished it off by painting the seal's face with my usual palette knife technique.

I let the acrylic colors drip off the sides which you can see here in these side photos.

Here is a link to the first painting I did which shows a little more of the process.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

New size for Entering Provincetown

Entering Provincetown

10" x 10"

oil with palette knives on board


As with the paintings of the Red Inn, I have painted this sign many, many times over. But this was a new size for me, the smallest I've done. It was a little tricky to paint the letters as this small size, but I managed and Kirsten was very happy with the result.

I should probably start keeping track of how many of these I have done. I think I might be around 12-15? I'll have to go back through my blog and count. Although I'm not sure I posted every single one.

Monday, January 8, 2024

Happy New Year!

Perfect Snow Day

14" x 11"

Oil with palette knives on board

Bill saw the painting I had done of the girl carrying the lantern (This Little Light of Mine posted here) and it gave him an idea. His friends just had a baby boy so he asked if I could paint a scene with a boy pulling a sled as a gift for them. As he says, showing them "what is to come". 

Today here in New England we are having a perfect snow day too. The kind where the snow sticks to the trees branches and the light shining thought the trees is so beautiful. It's our first snow of the season so it's nice that it's so pretty. 

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