Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today I want to stop and take a moment to appreciate achieving a few small goals. I have finally made it into the top 10 listing on both and when you search for palette knife paintings. Wow! To be listed on that very first page is so exciting and so cool. Also-I have now reached 10 followers and have gotten 10 comments on a single post (a record for me). Both of those thanks to another talented palette knife artist, Trisha Lamoreaux. Thanks Trisha-I've been admiring your work from a far. So let's hear it for the number 10!


Anonymous said...

Ann, Stellar news!! Way to go!! :)

xylerea---what kind of verification word is that??? (some sort of antidepressant medication? Or is it for incontinence?)

Autumn Leaves said...

You have been inspiring me, Ann. I was planning on trying to use a palette knife on my second oil painting ever. Alas, I do not have a palette knife small enough so I'm going to use rolled paper tubes that I bought for burnishing colored pencil work. I suspect it will not be the same. But your work truly is gorgeous!

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