Monday, January 4, 2010

A Trip to Portland (not Oregon)

Our wedding anniversary is December 30 and every year we like to spend the night away from home somewhere. Never far, just away for the night. This year we chose Portland, Maine which neither of us had ever been to before. (funny aside...when we told my stepdaughter that we were driving to Portland, she said "You're driving to Oregon?") 

What a lovely old port town, very artsy, lots of galleries to visit, interesting restaurants, and wonderful old streets and architecture to explore. We stayed at a hotel that used to be an armory, very quaint and perfect location, right downtown. 

The next day we visited the Portland Museum of Art and I've included a few photos from our visit. We were very impressed with the museum and it's artwork. While they allowed photos to be taken without a flash, they were very strict about not taking photos of artwork that belonged to a private collection. These were marked with a little icon that I of course missed the meaning of until a nice guard kindly explained it to me.

One of our favorite parts was the N.C. Wyeth room. The only painting you could take a photo of is the one below so I also took a close up because the detail on the fish in the boat was incredible.

They also had several signs telling you to remain at least 18 inches from the paintings. I happened to catch Polo, ever the rebel, violating that rule. I hope he wasn't breathing too hard.
On our way out we noticed these huge apples on the wall down to the cafe. They reminded us of Polo's recent series of apple paintings so we had to get a shot of that.
We were surprised to see that when we came out of the museum that the roads and our car were already covered in snow. The ride home was a slow one and we even witnessed a scary spin out and a car being towed out of an embankment. Luckily we made it home safely.

We will definitely return!

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Autumn Leaves said...

I have always had a dream of living in Maine. Sounds like you two had a fabulous trip, gallery rebellion aside! LOL Those apples are fabulous!

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