Monday, February 22, 2010

The Gorman Girls

The Gorman Girls
Oil with a palette knife on cradled artist board
11" x 17" x .75"
Click on the image to enlarge

Thanks to everyone who has already sent me their inspiring family images to paint. This painting was done from a wonderful photo that a friend, Liz, sent me of her two girls. She wrote "I took this photo on a beautiful day in the fields behind Drumlin Farm. The girls were having the time of their lives exploring the path in the field. I will treasure this painting." How great is that?

While it was a great painting challenge for me with respect to foliage, perspective, and space, I had such fun painting it. As I look at it now, I think those pink trees in the background are competing with the girls who should be the focus so I might go back and tone that down a bit.

The deadline is March 1, so there is still time to send what you find. Polo and my joint show is in June, (reception Friday, June 4) so I'm trying to get as many done as I can before then. As a reminder, click here to see the "rules" for submitting your photographs.

Happy Monday!


Unknown said...

Very nice painting I love the colors & textures in this piece!

Best wishes.


Allen said...

I really like the image... Very well composed. And I like the colors and multilevel shapes.

txartist62 said...

i absolutely LOVE this painting! has such a great feel, great subjects and i'm sure your friend just loves it! i really need to send you a picture soon - kind of slipped my mind :/ you are so talented - love to see your work :)

Autumn Leaves said...

Gorgeous work of art, Ann!! I shouldn't be surprised because I have loved every single piece you do, nevertheless I am awestruck here. The subject and composition are just fabulous! Your skill with a palette knife is phenomenal. I was rushed back through time on this when my own daughters were this size. Can't wait to see the next in this series!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful painting!

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