Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy 50 Lynnie!

My sister Lyn turned 50 this year. Woo hoo, sister. She still has got the spirit and energy of a, well I don't know, someone MUCH younger! She lives in Texas and recently got certified to teach adaptive yoga. She wants to help war veterans and others who can still benefit from the healing and strengthening powers of yoga, but might need adaptive versions of the yoga poses . There is no holdin' this sister back!

This week, our family surprised her with this painting, called Tri Yoga, by the talented artist, Jill Pankey, also from Texas. It's large, 3' by 4', and so full of color and energy, just like my sister.

Jill had done a similar painting which is currently hanging in a gallery in Santa Fe so she offered to do another version as a special surprise for my sister's birthday. Check out Jill's website and her other paintings. They celebrate woman of all shapes and sizes and well, they are just so much FUN.

Thanks Jill.


martinealison said...

Merci de nous faire connaître cette artiste et de nous montrer cette jolie peinture.
Bon anniversaire à votre soeur.

Autumn Leaves said...

Is that your sister's face in the painting? She reminds me of Debra Winger a bit, whomever she is! Those cowboy boots sitting empty are just a perfect added touch! Happy Birthday to Lyn, Ann's big sister!

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