Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flower Shop

Flower Shop
Oil with a palette knife on artist board
10" x 8"
SOLD at The Red Inn

I was having one of those nights during Thursday night painting class where I felt the need to organize my painting supplies before I could get into the right mindset to paint anything worthwhile. So after organizing my reference folder, scraping clean the palette, squeezing down all of the tubes of paint using my fabulous paint tube wringer, (trust me, spend the extra money and get the metal one!) then setting out a fresh new array of pretty dollups of paint, I finally settled down to paint. Thoughts of the anal retentive chef from SNL come to mind? Yes-sometimes I am the anal retentive artist.

So with the shortened time I had left, I started this painting from a photo reference that Kim had on hand. I hadn't painted flowers in awhile and it's nice to change things up every now and then isn't it? The blue flowers and vase were not in the original image, but the composition needed some color down there. It's always difficult for me to "make stuff up" but I think this came out pretty believable. If you look closely, I actually painted the green color and then scraped it away to make it look like a glazed pottery. Kim has been encouraging me to try some new techniques with the palette knife such as this type of subtraction. I think it's a good idea too and can keep the paintings interesting and fresh.



Wonderful piece of art! Your colors are great as well as the impasto strokes.

Autumn Leaves said...

Ann, this is truly gorgeous. But then, I am truly and completely awed by everything you do. I love hearing a bit about your methods too. Wanted to let you know that we had an emergency expense come up with last pay check, but the balance I owe you will be paid in full before any other bills on 7.22. It really bothers me having it hanging over my head! (Not pressure from you but pressure from within!)

Anonymous said...

Ann!!! The painting is beautiful and the green vase is so amazingly textural. Love it!

(And yes, that paint wringer is famous!)

Roxanne Steed said...

love this - really delightful-pottery, blossoms, everything!

martinealison said...

Composition très intéressante et couleurs enivrantes... Joli travail. J'aime et j'adhère.

nancyrosetta said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE!

Oh, and I think I need one of those wringers for my toothpaste :)

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