Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Communion sketches

When my dad found out that I was painting pictures based on old family photographs, he shipped me about 10 photo albums of our family that he had at the house. Such memories they brought back as I paged through them. Going to church was always a picture making moment and there were many of us standing outside, usually dressed up for Sunday mass. I happened to find photos of each of us on the day we made our First Communions and decided they needed to be included in my sketchbook. So, here's the line up:

Big sister Cathy's First Communion
Middle sister Lyn's First Communion
And finally my First Communion.
We were living in Florida for the first 2 photos and in Cleveland by the time my turn rolled around-thus the coats over our dresses.

All of the drawings I complete will be posted on The Sketchbook Project's website.

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