Monday, October 11, 2010

Plein Air on Lake Pearl

Autumn Tree Bouquet
Oil with a palette knife on artist board
8" x 10"

We had so much fun yesterday painting plein air at our friend Diane's house that I just had to post a bunch of photos of the day. We arrived in the morning which provided the best light and set up outside her house on beautiful Lake Pearl. Here's a shot of the group. Don't we look like professionals?
Here's Polo working on his masterpiece. He received the prize for the day which was a "trip to paradise" for the best painting. I hope he brings me along!
Here is Frank hard at work on his second painting. Show off.
And here is Cindy in action. Look at those colors!
Haydi is crafting a beautiful rendition of Lake Pearl in watercolor.
We found out a little later that our host Diane, is also a swan whisperer. She lured this family of swans-mom, dad, and 5 babies over to the dock-for us all to get a closer look.
Tashi was our guardian. Ever on the look out from the deck, ready to protect.
And as a finale to our wonderful 10-10-10 day, we saw this fish cloud in the sky. So beautiful and yet so bizarre as these were the only clouds in the entire sky. Do you see the bubbles coming out of his mouth? What does it mean?


Anonymous said...

It's a double rainbow! A DOUBLE RAINBOW!! What does it mean. *sniffle sniffle* What does it mean?

I am so glad that the day was so wonderful. Let's hope more days like that are in our future!


Bill Fogle said...

What a perfect day! Relaxation + working. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

I'd say we look pretty professional. It was a great day and Diane is such a gracious hostess with the mostest.

Class Valedictorian

Nan Johnson said...

The day sounds just wonderful. And I love your work with the knife (as always). A perfect day!

Siret said...

I absolutely love the texture of that painting! Beautiful Work!

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