Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The farmer's market is open for business

Flowers from the Farmer's Market
7" by 5"
Oil with a palette knife on canvas

There is a wonderful farmer's market in downtown Boston that is open every Tuesday and Friday during the summer and fall. I love to stroll down there at lunch time and see all of the beautiful vegetables, fruits, herbs, and especially the colorful flowers.

This painting above was done several years ago, but I'm recycling it here because it reminds me of summer and the farmer's market. Here are a few shots I took last summer that may inspire future paintings:


martinealison said...

Une belle peinture pour une mise en bouche réussie avec ces très jolies photos de marchés. Tout comme vous j'aime flâner et acheter sur les marchés.
gros bisous

Autumn Leaves said...

Such a gorgeous bouquet and I don't remember seeing it before. I love everything about this one, Ann. My eyes move from one gorgeous spot to another. Truly beautiful work! The farmers' market looks amazing and I KNOW you will get some amazing paintings from those photos.

By the way, you asked if I used a palette knife in one of the pieces I'd done (was in the Van Gogh copy?)...I did not. I tried palette knife once and I couldn't even get the paint off the knife, let alone in any kind of organized manner! LOL

roryta said...

interesting... :)

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