Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wild Things on exhibit

Saturday evening was the opening reception for "Wild Things". The caliber of art work was really impressive, the Cotuit Center for the Arts venue was so enjoyable, and the organizers of the show did an amazing job. Here I am with my trio of "wild thing."

Each piece had a write up from the artist as well as QR codes that take you to the artist's websites and galleries. Cool.

When you walk into the center, it's open and bright with real sails hanging from the ceiling. Cool again.

It's fun to see your name so big:

On the other side of the center, they had a performance by a local drummers and dancers. Wonderful.

Below are some of my and Polo's favorite pieces from the show. Looking at them now, I see that we really gravitated towards the more dimentional pieces. I've been having an urge to try some new materials and these pieces provided me with lots of inspiration:

This last piece is called Contemplating Freedom. A beautiful painting.

And a great evening all around.


martinealison said...

Une très belle visite de votre exposition... Merci. Je vous souhaite tout le succès mérité.
gros bisous

Kim Morin Weineck said...

Ann, HURRAY! I love this post. It's like going to the show with you! Thanks for sharing and Congratulations!!

Roberta Warshaw said...

What a beautiful gallery! Congratulations on being part of such a nice show!

polodidit said...

Awesome show!

Anonymous said...

Truly a beautiful show and I know you must be so proud to have been amongst the featured artists. I can see why you liked the dimensional pieces. They are wonderful!

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