Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Final Sister Wedding Commission

Heidi and Jim's Wedding
8" x 10" x .75"
Oil with a palette knife of cradled artist board

The last in the series of commissioned "Sisters Wedding Paintings" and this one involved more than just the bride and groom as you can see. A challenge and yet very fun. All of these children are students of the bride who teaches theraputic horseback riding. The photo she sent me had a wonderful light coming down on them that I tried to capture in the painting. And the original photo did not include the groom. I had to add him by using a full length image of him from another photo.

A special Christmas gift from her sisters!

And, as usual, I wanted to show you how I started the painting, using the red/orange underpainting in acrylic.

If you want to see the other sisters paintings, click on these links. The first one was in Mexico, and the second was in Maine.


Nora MacPhail said...

This family portrait is remarkable. Nice touch of playfulness to it.
Happy Painting. said...

I am in awe. The way you can capture the essence of each person is truly amazing. I loved the Wedding Destination one too.
Congratulations on reaching over 200 followers. Well deserved! said...

Please delete this is the first one went through. Computer went blank so do not know what happened but I liked your work enough to persist.

This is awesome. The Wedding Destination was too. You manage to capture the essence of each persons
pose in an amazing way. What a gift.

Congratulations on over 200 followers. Well deserved. I am one of them.

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