Friday, April 26, 2013

The Best Compliment

I love it when I happen upon blog posts like this. It is the greatest compliment for an artist to hear when others respond positively to your art. 

"This lovely painting made me want to run outside and paint!"

Please visit this art teacher's blog to see the full post:

My take away is "Never stop learning!"


Niharika Garg said...

Dear Ann,
I totally understand when you say "loved to go out and paint this"

Your painting is an inspiration to me..When you can forsee what the end result might look like, you get inspired to experiment different things.
I'm hoping to make something similar, more Indian-ish though...would love to have you comments on the same.


martinealison said...

Il n'y a rien de plus agréable lorsque le soleil joue à travers les branches des arbres et envoie des clins d'oeil sur les façades des maisons...
Une très jolie peinture qui met en lumière cette belle maison.
Un merveilleux travail.
Gros bisous à vous et un grand merci pour votre gentil message.

Ann Gorbett said...

Niharika: I totally agree that when you can picture what a painting will look like, it makes it more inspiring to go paint it. Would love to see your more Indian-ish version that you reference here.

Donna MacLure said...

I love this too Ann. I also like the new piece you have at the PP Gallery

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