Friday, June 7, 2013

Pink Paper Party Dress

Pink Paper Party Dress
10" by 8"
Mixed media: acrylic, cut paper, paper clips, and beads

Custom Art Framing and Gallery 9 in Norwood is sponsoring a fun art show for June. The idea is to create a piece of art to go with a frame. Julie had a bunch of frames created by Roma Moulding that fit an 8 by 10 canvas and then she wrapped them all up in brown paper for participating artists to choose without seeing them.

Here is the frame that I was given. The flowers are carved into the wood and then it looks like it has a silver leaf applied on top.

Here is a photo taken at the gallery of the two finally together:

1 comment:

The Smithewicz said...

I know it is a cliche kind of word but I mean it in a positive and complimentary way, this is precious! I love your response to the scale and style of the frame as well.

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