Monday, April 11, 2016

I love a parade

Little Fire Chiefs, 1963
18" by 18"
Oil with a palette knife on Blick Studio Artist Board

Sarah posted this photo on her blog and I asked her if I could paint it as part of my family album series.  Who doesn't love a parade?


martinealison said...


Magnifique peinture... Une très belle idée que de peindre tous ces enfants remplis de joie !

Bravo l'artiste !

Gros bisous ♡ said...

Wow - Ann, you managed to get nine little firemen in here. Wonderful!
This is not only a good painting, but it makes me smile too.,

Elizabeth Merchant said...

Little Fire Chiefs ... made me file through my online rolodex. This could be the start of something new (big?) After all nothing ventured - nothing gained. Currently reading Laura Claridge's bio of Norman Rockwell. And while he was an excellent portrait painter ... his career was made painting images of children as they mastered the games of play. Wishing you well. See Childrens Book Agency -

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