Thursday, August 13, 2020

Back Bay Reflections

Back Bay Reflections
60" x 48"
Oil with palette knives on canvas

This painting is my first big undertaking since starting my career as a full time artist in January. Here is a photo of me before I began painting so you can get a sense of the size of the canvas. Those print outs taped to the canvas are my reference photos. I also had it on my iPad while working.

This painting took about 22 sessions of about 3-4 hours each. I painted while at the Artists Studio & Gallery at Patriot Place since we have such a nice big space to work there. During the pandemic closure, I painted with the doors locked so it was a nice quiet place to work. I finally finished it this month but I took photos along the way and created this slideshow that shows my day by day progress.

Here are a few close up details.

I chose the title "Back Bay Reflections," a recommendation from my friend Danielle, as this is where I used to work in Boston before I retired from my graphic design job of 30 years. So the title has both a literal and personal meaning.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Hi Ann, what a beautiful painting! A familiar site for me as well! I have joined you in retirement now and hope to do a little painting myself, along with other passions. I hope we connect sometime once it's safe to do so! Best wishes!

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