Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Setting up the show

Wow-setting up an art show is a lot of work! Today, we went to the Moose Hill Gallery in Sharon to set up my husband Polo's art show, "Untamed Strokes of Nature" that opens this Thursday. It is amazing how much preparation work goes into the show and then how tiring the arranging, hammering, screwing, wiring, hanging, and straightening to set up the actual show can be. Thanks to show curator, Jan Goba, the results are stunning. We hope you can stop by the reception this Sunday from 1-4.

Here are a few shots from today.

Polo's sketchbooks and palettes will be also on display.

The proud artist, ready for a beer!

1 comment:

Kim Morin Weineck said...

Yay! It is a lot of work (apart from the art's creation) so pat yourselves on the back.

Of course Polo gets double pats because he did all that painting.

Every time I say "Untamed Strokes of Nature" I growl afterward. Sounds kind of like that, doesn't it?



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