Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a wonderful town

It's A Wonderful Town

Oil with a palette knife on canvas
12" by 6"

This is my entry into this week's Different Strokes From Different Folks challenge. I was just in NYC last week so I was really looking forward to painting this one. I love New York. It is truly a wonderful town. That's why in my painting the sky is a beautiful blue. I found painting the taxis came quickly, the buildings...well I sruggled a bit with those. Getting straight enough lines with the palette knife is a bit difficult. You can check out Karin's reference photo here.


dominique eichi said...

I love your sky too and your taxis are very good. New York is a great city, I agree. I lived there 12 years. NIce entry for DSFDF. I sent in mine, under the wire !

Lauren Maurer said...

How nice to have the memory fresh! You did a great job with this challenge!

Glenda Mosher said...

This is wonderful! You've captured the sense of busyness and activity of such a street scene with your colors and brush strokes.

r garriott said...

Just great! Love your thick paint.

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