Friday, June 5, 2009


Wow-I think that was the longest I've gone without posting anything new since I started this blog. Not quite sure what happened. I think I must been distracted by all things summer; yard projects, house projects, kids home from college, etc... The blog has gotten a bit dusty-just like the deck looks right now with the layer of yellow pollen on it!


12" by 9"
Oil with a palette knife on canvas

Anyway-here is a new painting to help keep the dust off. I worked on this in Thursday night painting class from a reference photo that Nancy picked out for me. Kim calls it cute but we're thinking it might need a little glazing over the peach colored blanket so it doesn't blend in so much with the skin tones. I'm thinking it might also need a pattern as well. Kim showed me how to glaze with the sand/cement painting I did awhile back. I'll report back with more on that soon.

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