Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Return from reunionville

These past few weeks I took a break from the rainy, rainy, (did I say rainy?) weather we've been having in Boston to attend my 25th college reunion at Miami University in Ohio, and to attend a family reunion at Bethany Beach, Delaware. To my delight, the weather was sunny and hot in both places.

My college reunion included a tour of the art school. Since I don't have any new paintings to share, I thought I would post some of the photos from the tour. The building above is where I spent many days and nights in the studio. To my surprise, many of the same easels, stools, and "props" were the same as they were 25 years ago. I guess that's comforting. This is a photo of our tour guide (an art history professor) in the new painting studio.
When looking through some college photos to share with my friends, I came across this photo of my painting class. Don't you love the looks on our faces? Such self searching souls we were-HA!
And look-here is one of those same stools. Still in use after 25 years.Last night I had a dream that our house was sinking into the mud from all the rain. I better go make sure that isn't coming true....


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, Loved your photos! I'll email soon. :) Kim


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Love your work!
I'm also a palette knife painter My name is Amber Lounder I'm in NB Canada my blog is called Visual Literacy I'll add you to my fav's and keep an eye on what you're up to

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