Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Patriot's Place on Columbus Day

It was a beautiful day for painting at Patriot's Place in Foxboro yesterday. That is, when the sun was out. Amazing this time of year how cold it can get when the sun gets hidden by clouds. Columbus day was our rain date because the original date of October 3 was a major wash out. After we were invited to come down and paint there, we were instructed by security that we weren't allowed to paint the stadium or any logos. I mean, what else is there? So I went with a square format thinking I might try and do an abstract composition. I ended up putting in more detail than originally intended but the front of the Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro had some interesting architectural details that I wanted to see if I could capture with my knife. Here is my sketch.

I took this photo after I had sketched onto my panel and put in the sky. Notice-no stadium in my painting. The kids that came by were very funny. They are so fascinated and honest with their comments and critique. 

Here is me at work. My favorite quote of the day was when a woman came up to me and said "my husband said I had to come down here and see your work because you were painting with a spatula."
Here is Polo busy working on his painting.
And here are his adoring fans.
After the event was over, we all went to Tastings and enjoyed some great wine and food. While we were there, the artist, Eli Cedrone was inside painting another beautiful interior of the restaurant. There is another event scheduled for Saturday, October 24. We might need a "snow date" for that one.


Autumn Leaves said...

Ann! This is, as usual, gorgeous!! I am still awed by what you do with a palette knife! Is Polo your husband? (You've mentioned him before...) Sometimes it is amazing where one can see beauty and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. So very lovely!

Mitzi Easley said...

hi Ann - thanks so much for visiting my blog and introducing yourself! I've spent the last half-hour on yours and love it! Your art is lovely - beautifully composed and executed - and the journey you are creating on your blog is just charming. I leave inspired (I'm going right now to post a knife painting on mine... I never would have had the courage before!)and I can't wait to return to yours! Thanks again!!

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