Friday, January 8, 2010

Call for inspiration

These 3 painting were done from some of my family's old photographs. They are currently hanging at Custom Art Framing & Gallery 9 in Norwood and have inspired a few people who have seen them to commission me to do paintings from their own family photos. I mean, don't we all have photos just like this at home somewhere?

Which sparked an idea.....

I have an art show scheduled for the month of June and I'd love your help. I would like to invite you to submit a family photo or two of your own that you think might make a great painting.

Here are the rules:
1. Please don't send photos taken by a professional photographer. The photo must have been taken by you or someone you know.
2. Preferably color but black and white is ok too
3. Preferably nostalgic
4. Preferably with people
5. Email a jpeg image to and provide a little info about the image, who is in it, and the approximate date the photo was taken if you know it.
6. The last day to submit an image is March 1, 2010
7. By submitting an image, you agree to allow me to use it as inspiration for a painting, choose the composition and the size, exhibit in shows, post on my blog, and offer up for sale.
8. You are by no means required to purchase the painting.

Take a look at my Family Album Series to view previous paintings I have done from family photographs.

I am excited to see what you can dig up!

Oh, and by the way, my mother, who is in 2 of the 3 paintings above, would have turned 76 today. She shared her birthday with Elvis Presley. I'm sure mom and The King are having fun somewhere today.


Candy said...

Hi! I checked out your family album series. I really like "Mom Skating". Very nice!

Autumn Leaves said...

These are so fabulous, Ann!! I know I have some old photos lying around and I know I would definitely want to buy the piece myself...Let me see what I can find (though I suspect mine might be in black & white...sigh...) What a fun project!!

Julie Vecchio, owner/operator said...

What a great post!!!! YOU inspired me. and I'm looking through family photos now.

Ann Gorbett said...

Thanks Candy, Sherry, and Julie. I am excited to see what you find. Isnt' it fun to look through old photos?

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