Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Boston city view

Boston Near the Finish Line
Oil with a palette knife on artist board
12" x 12"x 1.5"

The finish line of the Boston Marathon that is. I've been taking some photos during my lunch hour and have discovered some interesting views of the city that are going to inspire some future paintings. I began this painting in class on Thursday and finished it up today. I think I'm getting obsessed with painting windows. The order and structure appeal to me in a weird way, even though with the palette knife, it's really not that all that straight and orderly. You may remember that I did this sketch for this painting a few weeks ago. It helps me compose the painting, study the photo, and do some editing ahead of time.


Autumn Leaves said...

Ann, this looks even better than the drawing. I love the way you've handled those mirror type windows on the tall building in the rear. The structure with the sloped roof is phenomenal and looks even better painted than drawn. Its scale looks a bit more spot on in the painting. I also love that company/building name on the roof of the left hand building. You don't see that type of lettering too much these days. I love seeing buildings with their signage like that!

Nancy Goldman said...

Your paintings with building you do with a palette knife are mind boggling to me. I just started experimenting with palette knife paintings and I can't imagine getting these kinds of detail and precise lines with one. And those windows, it gives me a headache even thinking about trying to do those! Well done.

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