Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pumpkin Spice Kitty

Pumpkin Spice Kitty
8" by 6" 
Oil with a palette knife on canvas board

This was my demo during the palette knife painting workshop I held on September 14. I was already in a cat zone, having painted so many for my 15+ Pet Commission extravaganza, so why not? And this cat has such wonderful fur that was calling to be painting with my knife. It seems that everything this time of year is called Pumpkin Spice so I decided this kitty would be too.


martinealison said...


J'aime la douceur du regard de votre chat...
Quelle merveilleuse peinture. Vous êtes très talentueuse.

gros bisous

Max Frames said...

Love this one!

carol edan said...

I also love this piece.... love the strokes and especially the expression.

Ann Gorbett said...

Thank you Martine, Max, and Carol.

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