Monday, April 14, 2014

Entering Provincetown

Entering Provincetown
18" x 18" x 1.5"
Oil with a palette knife on Blick Studio Board

I think this is an appropriate painting to post for today since I just delivered a bunch of paintings up to The Red Inn this weekend to open up the season. This painting was inspired by a commission I did for Amy of an old Truro sign. You can see that painting by clicking here.

The painting worked up pretty quickly but I left the lettering until last. The orange you see here is my orange underpainting color being revealed by scraping away the white paint with my paint eraser to reveal the "template" for the black text. The small lettering really tested my skills with the knife!
Summer is almost here everyone!

1 comment:

Autumn Leaves said...

Ann, this is just such a stellar piece! I don't know why it grabs me so, maybe the graphicness of the piece. Your skills with the palette knife tested beautifully. The sky is just gorgeous too!

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