Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A little Christmas in June

The Red Inn in Winter II
Oil with a palette knife on Ampersand Gessobord
6" x 18" x 2"

Bob saw the SOLD first version I did of this painting hanging at The Red Inn last month and commissioned one of his own. I have to say it was a little weird painting a snow scene while it was 85 degrees outside. While I am not a fan of winter, I don't mind the snow during the holidays. It makes the lights look that much prettier.


Autumn Leaves said...

This is 6 feet wide, Ann? That is amazing!! The red of this building makes it a perfect Christmas card with the snow added. I'll bet it is gorgeous at night if it has Christmas lights!

Ann Gorbett said...

Thanks for catching my typo, Sherry. It's actually 6 inches high. Not 6 feet. That would be something-maybe some day I will paint that big but not right now! But this reminded me of that scene from the movie Spinal Tap and gave me a chuckle.

Autumn Leaves said...

LOL...I thought MAYBE it was a typo but I know well and good that you could paint beautifully at that size so I wasn't sure. Never saw Spinal Tap, but I sure would love to stay at this place some day!

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