Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The G.O.A.T

Well Hello There! (I'm Still Here)
8" x 6"
Oil with a palette knife on panel

I painted this for fun on Super Bowl Sunday while working at the Artist's Studio and Gallery at Patriot Place. Tom Brady and company proved once again that they are the Greatest Of All Time by winning their 6th Lombardi Trophy.

Yesterday, 1.5 million people lined the streets of Boston to see the 12th duck boat parade to roll down Boylston Street (The Canyon of Heroes) celebrating Boston sports teams championships. What a run.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots!


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if this painting is still available at the gallery and the cost? Thank You

Ann Gorbett said...

Yes it is still available. It is currently in a show at the art gallery at Patriot Place for the Foxboro Art Association. Cost is $120 framed, $60 unframed.

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