Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Great Danes: : Large pet portrait commission

The Boys: Ziggy and Rory
24" x 36"
Oil with palette knives on Ampersand Gessobord

Tim asked me to paint a portrait of his two Great Danes as a gift for his partners's birthday. These large dogs needed a big canvas and it took about 8 painting sessions to complete. I took some progress shots along the way. 

Here was my set up. I printed out the reference photo at actual size (on 4 color copies 11" x 17" that I taped together.)

I started with the most important things first-the dogs. I painted a little of green background around them so that I could make sure they would read on the dark green and also to soften the edges of the dogs a little bit.

Then I painted the trees in the background.

Then the flowers, grass, and finally the rocks. The rocks were the hardest thing to paint. They have a lot of colors and textures that I wanted to capture but didn't want them to distract from the dogs.

 This painting is still drying but will be ready to ship to the birthday boy in a couple of weeks.

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