Monday, August 9, 2021

Relax and Enjoy The View

Relax and Enjoy the View II

10" x 10"

Oil with palette knives on cradled board


This is an incredible place to watch the sunset while enjoying a cocktail at the Red Inn in Provincetown. I've painted this scene larger and wanted to try a smaller version.

I tried a new canvas board for this painting. It came already framed with a natural wood frame which meant I had to tape the heck out of it before I began painting. Here is a process shot that shows the edges all taped up.

This panel board is actually designed for paint pouring so the paint doesn't drip off the sides, but I liked how it looked like the painting was already framed and wanted to give it a try. Not sure if I would do this again though because I felt that the raised edges got in the way of my knife while painting.

But it was a good experiment anyway and in the end it came out well.

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