Friday, January 14, 2022

Paint pour experiment

Chatham Seal

6" x 8"

Acrylic paint pour and oil with palette knives


I tried an experiment with this painting. I used an acrylic paint pour technique to create the water effect of the ocean background and then once that was dry, I painted the seal using oil paints with my palette knives. I plan to do a larger version of this painting but wanted to experiment first at a smaller scale to see how it would work.

Here are a few process shots I took along the way.

My set up.

I elevated the painting on a tissue box so the colors could drip off the sides.

I like the shininess when the paint is still wet!

Once I decided to stop the paint pour for the background ocean (when to stop was the most difficult part), I then scraped away the area where I wanted to paint in the seal with oils.
Here are some fun abstract blobs of color left over.

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