Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Different Strokes challenge

The artist Karin Jurick hosts a blog called Different Strokes From Different Folks and every two weeks she posts a photo inviting artists to do their own interpretation of the image. She then posts all of the entries on her blog. Fun idea, huh? If you click on the link to her blog, you can see the entries for all of her past challenges in the side column under View The Collections Together. She has gotten up to a hundred entries and I think its' really interesting to see the different styles and interpretations.

I decided to give it a try this weekend. Ok- so here is the photo she has posted for the current challenge.
I was excited about the palette knife possibilities of all of the different textures here. Isn't it interesting how even though they are just mannequins heads, they each still have a distinct personality defined by the wig they are wearing?

Here are a few stages of my painting. The third one is the final piece I sent to Karin.

Here is a close up .

I thought this was an interesting angled view where you can see size and the texture of the painting.

I changed the hairstyle on one of the mannequins in the photo. Did you spot it right away?


r garriott said...

You really put a lot of work into this! I think you really captured the artifical nature of the mannequins well; they look like plastic they are, not people. Good job!

Debra Keirce said...

This is beautiful! I bet it's even more impactful in person.

Michelle said...

Wonderful work Ann. I like being able to see the close up and texture.

I've always been intimidated to try painting with a palette knife, but you are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Green hair!

Ann, you rock!!

Edward Burton said...

WOW, wonderful job, Ann!

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