Sunday, November 15, 2009

Going once, going twice...SOLD!

Polo's painting, Apples in Red and Green was one of the more popular pieces at the art auction to benefit Walpole's new library on Saturday night. Wow, what a turnout. The tickets sold out ahead of time and as the very busy bartender said to me "It looks like everyone showed up." We'll find out soon how much money was raised but a quick calculation of the art auction part alone is probably more than $10,000. They also have silent auction items and ticket sales to add in. It was fun evening and great to see how people really value and appreciate art in the midst of a suffering economy. Here are a few photos from the night. Sorry for the bad quality, maybe the paper will have better photos to share later.

Here is Polo's painting being auctioned.

My painting, Prim Rose was bid on earlier in the evening. You can just barely see it there sitting on the table behind the woman.
Here's the view from the back of the crowded room. There were also many people standing in back.
Friends of the Walpole Library should be very happy with the turnout. We're on our way to a new library. Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

It was a fun night. Hurray!

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