Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Man down

Last week as I was routinely setting up for my weekly painting class, I pulled out my collection of palette knives from my tote and saw this:
Oh no! I tried and tried to bend him back into shape, and even started to paint with it but I couldn't revive him to his former glory. I finally declared "I think I'm gonna have to put him down."

This knife was "Dad" in my palette knife family portrait. How devastating for the family.
Ideas from my fellow painters started to emerge as to how to memorialize him. They felt my pain. Should he be bronzed? mounted? framed? made into a decoration for my work area? I will keep you posted. In the meantime...



Earthula said...

sorry for your loss.

These tools can be like old friends.

But... they are a 'little' more replaceable.

Autumn Leaves said...

My deepest condolences. (And what a great title!)

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for this post---such a tool tragedy. He really gave his all for your work. I know that Dad's memorial will do him justice.

Did you re-order???

kerry hawkins art and photo said...

so sorry, he lived a good life

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