Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photos from the show

I wanted to post a few photos from our show last weekend. Here we are in front of our hard work.
My family portraits can be seen in this shot.
The crowd enjoying the scene.
I love this cute photo of Kim, the gallery director, and Julie, the gallery owner, with Nancy peering in through the background.
To see all the photos from our show posted on the gallery's site, click here.

And as a finale, a happy happy birthday to my cute man who celebrated his birthday today.


Autumn Leaves said...

Look at that beautiful rich wood in that table!! Gorgeous! Oh yeah...your Polo is cute too and happy birthday (belated) to him! The show looks fabulous, Ann. You had quite a few paintings showing! Wonderful wonderful!

kerry hawkins art and photo said...

Looks like a wonderful show

polodidit said...

Hey, your man is cute! Thanks for showing with me and the presents!

Anonymous said...

I like Polo's comment!
And Nancy is so cute peering through me and Julie.

It was a fabulous show and you and Polo worked so hard to make it so. Thank you for that!


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