Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The New York report

I haven't been doing much painting lately, but we did spent a wonderful four days in NYC recently. The last time we were there it was wintertime and boy does the city really come alive in the summer.

Our first stop, The Guggenheim Museum. I had never been there before and so I was fascinated by the architecture and layout of it. I snapped this shot before I realized I was standing next to a giant "NO PHOTOGRAPHS PLEASE" sign.

Our next adventure was renting a rowboat in Central Park. What fun that was. Isn't Polo all New York with his stingy brim on? Of course, we had to quench our thirst with cocktails at The Boathouse afterwards. Yum.

As we walked through Central Park, we came across the back of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I noticed this structure on the top that looked like a giant boat made out of reeds and people were walking on it. I keep meaning to check their exhibits to see what this is all about.
The next day we ventured over to Chelsea, hoping to visit some galleries, but they were all closed (it was Sunday but I think we forgot cuz we were in vacation mode). Double D'oh.

But we stumbled upon this really great new addition to NYC--The High Line. They've converted an old elevated rail line to this wonderful park that spans several city blocks and gives you a whole new perspective on the city.

Can you see the guy standing at the bottom of the stairs looking down at the street through the giant windows? Cool.
Along the path, there was this piece of art/sculpture by the artist, Richard Galpin, that you had to experience by looking through this viewfinder.

Here's a photo taken through the viewfinder. Very graphic and abstract, kind of a cool idea.

Below is the description if you can read it. I'm hoping they plan to put more artwork up there. It's would make a great open air sculpture garden.

I took lots of photos for painting inspiration so get ready to see more of NYC as interpreted with a palette knife coming soon.


Autumn Leaves said...

This looks like a most fabulous trip, Ann. I love the idea of the park being created in the old elevated tracks. How cool! Can't imagine what the dead grass is up on the roof of the museum but it doesn't look safe to walk on! LOL Methinks my favorite day would have been the boat ride in Central Park followed by a nice cocktail or two. Sigh...hope it was romantic too!

Nan Johnson said...

I recognized the Guggenheim even before I read your blog, and I was wondering how you got that photo! LOL! Glad you enjoyed your recent visit to NYC. The High Line is a recent addition. I believe it is slated to be extended up as far as 33rd street, which is where the existing Hudson Yards rail depot is. (the elevated line actually wraps around/over the yard) and will end right near the Javits convention center. From there it's a 1 block walk over to the Hudson River walkway that runs along the river (I have yet to walk that entire walkway!)

I'm looking forward to seeing your paintings from your trip - NY has so much to see (& paint).

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