Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bill and Gary

I raided the Facebook photo albums of my friends Bill and Gary to find these gems of them when they were young.
Baby Bill
Bill makes such a cute baby.

Young Gary, the lefty?

Gary is left handed and he commented that he noticed that the photographer who took this photo is having him hold the crayon with his right hand. As a lefty myself, I can feel the awkwardness of it. However, I do love the Davy Crockett outfit complete with fringe.

As I work up to the January 15 postmark date, I will continue to post the drawings on my blog as well as on their site. You can see the entire collection of my sketchbook drawings by clicking here.


Bill Fogle said...

Ann, thanks again for these endearing images! The one of me with my brother is a very important photo from my life and hangs prominently on my study wall. I also love the photo of Gary, and I do remember the story that the photographer rearranged his hand with the pencil.

Thanks for surprising us with these beautiful drawings!

gleeindc said...

Are you talking about my hands or my politics, or both? Quite a surprise when Bill sent me the link while I was at work. I wonder if my mom packed that shirt away? I don't think I ever had the coonskin cap and within just a few years, I was asking for bongo drums for Christmas (I asked for them the 22nd and got them! Thanks mom!).
Thanks for the honor, Ann.

Autumn Leaves said...

Fabulous job with these, Ann. Comes as no surprise to me though. Your work is always just magnificent!

chelsea said...

What a wonderful drawing! very artistic!


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