Friday, December 30, 2011

Romance is in the air

After Renoir's Dance at the Bougival

12" by 6"
Oil with a palette knife on canvas

After Renoir's Grand Canal, Venice
9" by 12"
Oil with a palette knife on canvas

I had so much fun painting my mini masters ornament series that I was thrilled when someone saw my work at Custom Art Framing and Gallery 9 and asked if I would paint two small Renoirs on commission. She saw these two paintings at the MFA in Boston and it sparked an idea to give them as a thank you gift in return for a trip to Italy that her friend planned for them next week. Nice!

Today also marks Polo and my 10th wedding anniversary so romance is definitely in the air!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Of course I recognized these as Renoir immediately but you know what I just noticed, Ann? The romantic male partner in the first piece looks like Van Gogh! Happy anniversary to you and Paco, my friend!

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