Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dad drawings

Dad and Nana
Dad's First Communion

The deadline for The Sketchbook Project is fast approaching. I just finished these two drawings of my dad to be included. I realized that while I had many photos of my mother when she was younger, I had to really hunt to find ones of my dad. Doesn't he look all holy with his prayer book?

As I work up to the January 15 postmark date, I will continue to post the drawings on my blog as well as on their site. You can see the entire collection of my sketchbook drawings by clicking here.


Kim Vanlandingham said...

They're wonderful. I know what you mean by finding Dad's in more photos than my Mom though. Good luck with the sketchbook project!

Autumn Leaves said...

Ann, I always love your sketches and your drawings and these are no exception. Your dad's clothes in the second drawing are awesome! And happy second blogaversary to you! I hope to be able to send you the $ for my painting in February too. We're still getting settled here and M just started working again so the checks haven't begun for him yet. Still and yet, once they kick in, we will hopefully be back in shape. I'm so glad I get to visit my friends' blogs again! By the way, you and your sisters all look so much alike, especially your smiles! Hard to tell in your sketch, but do you look a bit like your dad's mom? Hoping Polo is well too!

Tempero Musical said...

Great drawings here.
I am from Brazil and visited your blog. Very beautiful. I Have a musical blog, and I would like your visit. We would be virtual friends...
Claudia Ka.

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